Details of the "Risico"


Anchor-chain locker

This is where the anchor chain (about 25 metres) is stowed. The compartment, with a watertight bulkhead, is accessible through a hatch in front of the anchor winch.


Fore cabin

This cabin is furnished with a couch, a small table and a galley with a gas stove and water tap. It also has drawers for storing kitchen hardware and food and drink.

Daylight enters through a skylight, two deck-glasses and two portholes.

Stairs lead to the wheelhouse.

Voorroef Keukenblok Voorroef


Here you find the steering wheel, a switch-board for the navigation lights and the engine controls. VHF radio, depth-finder and GPS are part of the equipment. Whistle and search-light are operated from here.

Stuurhuis Stuurhuis

Engine room

This is the biggest compartment in almost every tugboat. It houses:

- Main engine

- 2 Fuel tanks (1000 litre each)

- Diesel generator (5kVA/230V)

- Batteries (2x12V, 200Ah) for starting the Scania and to power the onboard electricity net.

- Central heating system.

- A watertank holding 300 ltr drinking water

Machinekamer1 Machinekamer2 Machinekamer3

Aft cabin

This is the master bedroom. The bed measures 2.40x1.50 meters. There is a wash-basin and a toilet.

Achterroef1 Achterroef2
Achterroef3 Toilet

Aft locker

A compartment, with a watertight bulkhead, used to stow ropes, paint, fenders etc.